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A Jewelry Manufacturer, A Jewelry Wholesaler of handmade jewelry in 18 and 22 Carat Gold and 925 Sterling Silver, as well as of Casted Jewelry products. We specialize in jewelry items with Precious Stones and high quality Semi-Precious Stones. We have a large variety in Fine Gold Jewelry studded with Precious Stones and Silver Jewelry items studded with Precious and Semi-Precious Stones with Rhodium Finishing, High Polishing and Other Finishing.
We offer as well a large variety of Antic Silver Jewelry items, Purchased by a team of persons, Living in different parts of the world. Our product range includes many different styles from Modern Style Jewelry with Rhodium Finishing, Over Costume Jewelry, and Modern Designs enriched with Traditional Indian Techniques like Antic Finishing or Jali Work to Traditional Indian Jewelry or Traditional inspired Modern Looks.

Molto Bello